RaceFlight One and Revolt V2 – Hype Train or Real Thing?

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  1. Papa Georgio says:

    As a fellow noob who is much noobier than you and just getting into building quads; would you choose this or a BrainFPV? This having such nice flight characteristics with stock PIDs seems nice, but as you mentioned, no built in OSD.

    OSD aside, what are your thoughts between the two?

    • Noob says:

      It’s really hard to say. The Revolt flies so well, but the BrainFPV RE1 with hte mPB is a much more complete product that can run either dRonin or Betaflight. With the RE1 I started with dRonin which has a great autotune feature, and have since moved to Betaflight so I can work on my tuning manually. I’d say if you don’t mind missing the features of an OSD and don’t want a lot of options then the Revolt with Raceflight is a good call. It pretty much just works. The BrainFPV RE1 is a more mature and complete product that has all the bells and whistles already and runs all of the Betaflight code. For now, I’m sticking with the BrainFPV.

  2. Danny says:

    Dear Noob,

    THX for this post. For me the OSD is very important too (I use it for VTX and PID), therefore I was happy to found this post.
    On my Research I found the following OSD, which should run with the Revolt V2.

    This OSD is using UART3 to forward RX and TX to the OSD, so normally every OSD should work.
    Therefore I would like to ask:
    – Is this Review for the V1 or the V2 Version?
    – Would you be so extremely awesome, to test your OSD by using UART3 and Report us?

    Cheers Mate!
    and greetings from Hamburg Germany,

    • Noob says:

      Hi Danny!

      This review is indeed for the V2. My complaint was that it did not include an integrated OSD, but you are correct in that you can add an external OSD.

      I have not tested that OSD, but it appears to be running MW OSD firmware. There is some basic RaceFlight support, but most of the functionality was not working last I heard (in the MW OSD github tickets). I don’t imagine it will get any better either after reading those threads…

      I opted instead to get a Foxeer Arrow camera with built-in voltage monitoring. No good for tuning, but it will at least show voltage which is what I was after.

  3. Bobby K says:

    I believe the main reason most FC’s put the writing on the bottom is that if you use pin headers, they can block you from reading the pins once installed. So as annoying as it is, if you do use header pins you will be grateful 🙂

  4. Artem says:

    So what other Flight Controller is capable of full 32kHz gyro sample, PID loop, and motor loop while having integrated OSD? What would be your pick for FC with OSD onboard?

    Holybro Kakute F4 perhaps (there is not an AiO version now, check their website! Perfect for those who want to use 4-in-1 esc)- not sure if it is in the end result capable of full 32khz loops

    • Noob says:

      For me? BrainFPV RE1 all the way. Discrete PDB is a plus for me, I want to keep the high current out of my FC 🙂 Also I race, so the integrated IR transponder is a huge bonus!

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