Sprout – A Self-Watering Desktop Planter

Inspired by nature, filtered through the lens of and video games. My first new entry into the contest hosted by @polymaker_3d on @cults3d.
I am happy to say, this model took first prize! (https://cults3d.com/en/pages/3d-printing-organic-shapes-results)
This self-watering planter may by more form over function, but it is sure to catch the eye. The stem from the top conceals a watering tube that extends through the model into the base, making it easy to refill the reservoir.

This model was designed in Fusion360, and printed in multiple parts in PLA.

Available on Cults3D: https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/sprout-self-watering-desktop-planter-for-small-plants-and-succulents